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For your financial goals

For your financial goals

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Benefits of Our Services

At Enigma Enterprises LLC, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive financial ​solutions that fit our clients individual needs. With years of experience in the financial ​market, we have helped countless indivduals and companies successfully achieve their ​financial goals.

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Personal Financing

Get the financial support you ​need to fulfill your personal ​dreams, whether it is buying your ​first home, financing your ​studies or taking that trip you ​have always wanted.

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Boost the growth of your company ​with our business financing, ​designed to provide you with the ​capital necessary to expand, invest ​in new projects or overcome ​financial obstacles.

Business Financing

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Business Credit

We support the success of your ​business with our business credit, ​which provides you with the ​liquidity necessary to maintain ​your operations, invest in ​innovation and take advantage of ​new growth opportunities.


Hard Money Loans

Access fast and flexible capital ​with our hard money loans. ​Whether it's real estate ​investments, construction ​projects or urgent financial ​situations, we are here to help ​you achieve your goals.

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Real Estate ​Financing

Make your dream of having your ​own home come true with our real ​estate financing. We offer you ​flexible and competitive options ​so you can increase your ​investments.

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Fix and Flip

Become a successful investor. ​Buy properties at bargain prices, ​renovate them with our support ​and sell them at great profits. ​Take advantage of opportunities ​that others don't see and ​maximize your profits!

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Cash-Out Refinance

Get cash without selling your ​house. Take advantage of ​your home equity, borrow ​more than you owe, and use ​the cash difference however ​you like. Transform your ​wealth into opportunities ​today!

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Buy and Hold

Build your wealth for the long ​term. Purchase financial assets ​or real estate properties and ​enjoy the growth in value over ​time. Despite volatility, ensure a ​solid and prosperous financial ​future.

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Commercial Real ​Estate Loan

It finances offices, shops, hotels ​or apartments and generates ​income with properties intended ​for commercial uses. Expand ​your horizons with our financial ​solutions!

Exclusive services

Private ​Placement ​Program

Designed for high net worth ​individuals and entities, these ​programs offer significant returns ​through trading high-yield financial ​instruments. The potential profits ​can be extraordinary. Join a select ​group of investors


411 Credibility Listing

EIN and Entity Setup Assistance

Business Name Credibility Check

Business Phone Credibility Check

Website and Email Credibility ​Check

Bank and Merchant

Account Setup Assistance

Fix Damaged Business Credit

Business Credit Report and Score ​Training

Get Setup with D&B, Experian, ​and Equifax

Experian Smart Business Access ​Exclusive

Access to Starter Vendors

For Only $15,000

Loan Amount: $3 million to $100 ​million

Down Payment: 10% of the loan ​amount required as Proof of Funds ​(POF)

Payback Period: 6 months to 4 ​years and 6 months max term

First Payment: to be determined x ​amount of months... after funds are ​released

Collateral: Land or other applicable ​assets or Use our collateral

APR: Estimated at 12% use of ​money

to 15% maximum use of our ​collateral

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UK Base Syndicate ​Program

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Personal Funding

As Much as $250,000 for an Individual, ​$500,000 for a Household ​(Husband/Wife, Father/Son, etc.)

Minimum FICO Scores of 700+

Minimum of $50,000 W-2 Income or ​1099

No Industry Restrictions

No Upfront Out of Pocket (We Present ​You With Funding Options and You or ​Your Client Picks the Loans They Want)

Funding comes in the form of term ​loans, lines of credit, and/or cards.

Working Capital/Merchant ​Cash Advance Loan

Merchant cash advances provide small businesses ​with alternative business funding from traditional ​bank loans. Business owners receive funds as a ​lump sum upfront from a merchant cash advance ​provider and repay the advance with a percentage ​of the business’ sales.

$10,000 to $5,000,000 Million

Flexible Financing Terms

Minimum $10,000 per Month in Business Revenue

No Minimum FICO Score Requirement

Only 3 Months' Time in Business Needed

Same Day Funding Is Possible

Term Loan

$10,000 to $5,000,000 Million

6 Months to 10 Years Terms

Minimum $35,000 per Month in Business ​Revenue

700 FICO Score Required

Only 6 Months' Time in Business Needed

Same Day Funding Is Possible

Equipment Financing

6 Months Time in Business

550 Minimum FICO

Business Bank Account

Invoice Required for Quote Unique

App & Invoice up to $150K

No Industry Restrictions

Purchase and Leasing Options

Financing from $25,000 – $1 Million

1 - 5 Year Terms

Rates Start at 8%

Business Lines of Credit

A business line of credit provides more ​flexibility. Rather than a fixed amount ​issued at one time, funds can be ​accessed as needs arise. Funds are ​made available again as the balance is ​paid down.

$10,000 to $5,000,000 Million

6 Months to 10 Years Terms

Minimum $35,000 per Month in ​Business Revenue

600 FICO Score Required

Only 6 Months' Time in Business ​Needed

Same Day Funding Is Possible

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Become A Partner Today!

Online Application

Access To 75+ Commercial Lenders

Real-Time Portal Access

Aggressive Commissions

Start Your Own ​Business ​Funding Agency

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